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We organize a full range of services for the transportation of goods by rail on all types of rail transport: platforms, covered wagons, containers, transporter wagons.


  • Development and approval of schemes for loading and placing cargo

  • loading / unloading on railway transport

  • load fastening

  • payment of railway tariff on all Roads

  • delivery of loading to representatives of the railway

  • customs clearance

  • cargo insurance


We organize road haulage by all types of vehicles: all types of  tents trailers, refrigerators, container trailers, open tent trailers, trawls.



  • groupage cargo transportation

  • cargo transportation with full load

  • oversized cargo

  • dangerous goods (ADR)

  • chilled and frozen cargo

  • customs clearance

  • cargo insurance


Baltic Logistics has extensive experience in organizing the transportation of oversized cargo - by sea, road and rail.

Transportation of oversized cargo by sea is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transport super-heavy and bulky cargo.

To move such goods over land, special vehicles and equipment are needed for loading, a thorough study of the route, taking into account all tunnels, bridges, power lines.

To send oversized cargo by rail, we develop schemes for loading, placing and securing cargo on railway wagons, we coordinate transportation with the Railway Department. Loading is carried out on open rolling stock: platforms, gondola cars, 4-axle, 8-axle, and 16-axle (well, platform) transporters.

For shipment by road, we agree on the loading schemes and the route of transportation of oversized cargo. For this we use various types of transport semitrailers.

  • Loading and unloading

  • Organization of storage of goods

  • Storage of goods in transit

  • Storage of warranty products

  • Storage of dangerous goods

  • Storage of goods in a customs warehouse

  • Customs clearance

  • Handling goods in the customs area

  • (sorting, packaging, labeling, etc.)

  • Change of owner of goods,forwarding of goods

  • Collection and consolidation of goods from different suppliers

  • for further transportation and export

  • Checking the quantity, packaging and condition of the goods

  • Preparation of export and import documents

  • Placement of cargo on pallets and wrapping with wrapping film

  • Sorting goods with changing packaging

  • Keeping records of warehouse goods

Storage and warehousing services are currently an important part of the transport logistics chain. Our company offers a wide range of warehouse services, organization of loading and unloading operations, repackaging and packaging of goods, survey services. We operate in various customs warehouses and Free Economic Zones of the Baltic States. We also have partnerships with various temporary storage warehouses in Russia.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it.


We organize the delivery of different types of cargo and use refrigerators, ro-ro, timber, bulk carriers, container ships. The use of containers in shipping by sea is not uncommon, since it is they that allow you to transport cargo of various types by sea, while ensuring the safety of the cargo, so they serve as a reliable, durable shell that protects the goods from negative environmental influences.


  • Preparation and coordination of the transportation route

  • Customs clearance of goods

  • Registration of accompanying documentation

  • Choosing the right marine vessel

  • Cargo insurance

  • Survey services during transportation

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